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09-06-2008, 06:51 AM

Leaky hydraulic floor jack

I have a 1.5 ton craftsman, my dad bought it at sears about 25 years ago. It began to leak and the air valve popped out of the cylinder with some hydraulic fluid. I took it apart, (at least everything except the cylinder itself). I put it back together, put some stop leak hydraulic fluid. I jacked it up with no load, and I stood on it. It held be for a while, (I weigh about 160 wet), and it would drop down and stop or slower, and close to the lower level, it would drop quickly. I was a great jack, had a large lift cup to lift a car on the differential. The cylinder itself has a brick rectangle on one end and the other end is a hexigon where the shaft comes out. Do any of you know if I could take it apart again and/or repair it with a seal or "o" ring? Or could send it off for rebuilt, machine shop, etc.?
I bought another craftsman floor jack. Says 2 1/2 ton, that is the sorryist wobbly, dangerous with a little cup about 3 " across. I hate it. And I bet I know where it came from too.
If anyone has had this experience?
Thanks for any help,

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2009-07-01 07:36:46 by cheepsox

3, but my Sears is a 4 ton, 20" lift, so pretty good when new. Now its failing, Ive topped of the jack oil a few times, and the reviews on line say they are known to only last a few years.
Anyone else sell a 4 ton, 20" lift jack that is decent? Or should I just buy another Sears one and chuck it after a couple years?

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