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1967 Sears Custom 6


The Custom style tractor first appeared in the 1964 catalog as the Custom 600. It remained in the Sears line-up for many years to
come. The Custom can be identified by its flat axle and lack of a channel type frame mount for attachments. The tractor's hood is
lower to the ground compared to the Suburban tractors as a result of this design. The hood height of a '71 Suburban 12 was 39.5
inches, the Custom 10 XL of the same year was 35 inches high. While the Custom gave up 67 lbs. to the Suburban, the wheel base
was less than half an inch longer on the Suburban of the same year.The Customs had a mower deck that was driven in the center by a belt coming down from the engine. The power was transmitted to
the blades by shaft, with two gearboxes being used to provide the 90-degree turn needed for the blade shafts. Some of these decks
were made of cast aluminum.

These tractors had a rear "drawbar" for mounting a 3-point hitch just like the Suburbans. The tractors could not be fitted with the same
front mounted attachments as the Suburbans however because of the different frame/axle. Nor could they be fitted with a front loader,
or sickle bar mower. There was a snow blade, rotary snowplow (snow blower) and special 8 inch turning plow made for the tractors.

Most of the later Customs had the 8-speed "hi-lo" transmission like the Suburban. The older Customs and entry level "Compact"
tractors had the three or four speed boxes. The Custom got the designation of "ST", just like the rest of the Sears line, in 1973. Along
with the new title came the yellow and white paint scheme and new grill.

After being absent for a couple of years, the ST 10 returned in 1976, only to be replaced the next year by a line of tractors in 1977 that

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